Tenant Screening
Expertly screening prospective tenants is the key to having a successful landlord/ tenant relationship. Renew Property Management employs the latest industry tools in researching and analyzing each prospective tenant. Our goal is to acquire the most highly qualified tenants, which we ascertain with credit/background checks, proof of income, and rental history verification. Applicants must provide proof of current employment (copies of check stubs) with income in excess of three times the prospective rent (in most cases). Renew Property Management will contact both the applicant’s current landlord and current employer to verify rental history and income/stability. Additional sources of income will be verified if necessary to meet the three-times rule.

Credit Check
Renew Property Management conducts business in accordance with the Federal, State, and local Fair Housing Laws. Negative rental history is grounds for the denial of an application, which includes, but is not limited to: NSF checks, late rental payments, noise complaints, unfulfilled lease term(s), eviction proceedings, and outstanding/ owed rent/collections.

Tenants applications will only be presented to owners after RPM has finished the qualifying process. We provide housing on an equal opportunity basis to all persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, handicap, or familial status. Additional security deposit may be added as a requirement due to low credit.

Management Fees
There are no hidden fees or charges. No management fee will be charged during vacancy. Once rented, RPM charges 9% on collected monthly rent. Once the property has been rented, $300 is taken from the first month’s rent and will be held in a reserve account for expenses/bills on behalf of the owner. This ensures that contractors are paid in a timely manner to promote a strong relationship with vendors, which results in honest pricing and prompt service for our owners.

A leasing commission (referral fee) is paid by the owner to the referring agent after the rent & deposits have been paid. Fees typically run between $300 and $500 depending on size and scope of property and will be deducted from the tenant’s first month payment.

Our years of success in this industry have proven that the following marketing strategies work best when advertising residential properties (although, some HOAs will not allow signage).

  • Installation of “For Rent” sign at the property with brochure box and designer flyers (Unless prohibited by HOA Rules and Regulations)
  • Placement of ads in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Placement of ads on various internet sites (www.rpmlistings.com, www.hotpads.com, www.trulia.com, www.oodle.com, www.vast.com, and www.clrsearch.com)
  • Installation of “For Rent” sign at the property with brochure box and designer flyers (Unless prohibited by HOA Rules and Regulations)
  • Installation of both electronic and mechanical lockbox at the property
  • Interior/Exterior property inspection and evaluation
  • Digital photos of property prior to tenant(s) occupancy
  • Complete tenant screening (Including, but not limited to, credit check, rental history, verification of tenancy, income verification, criminal background check, and sex offender registry check)

Lease Signing
RPM requires a minimum of a one-year lease unless agreed upon prior in writing by the owner. Once the tenant(s) has been approved, RPM will draft and initiate all tenant(s) leases and agreements and complete them in their entirety in writing for all parties. RPM will collect all security deposits (refundable and non-refundable) and rents prior to tenant occupancy.


    Rent Collection
    Rent is due on the 1st of each month and will be considered late on the 5th (late fees will apply). Rent is prorated daily, e.g., monthly rent = $1200, $1200 x 12 = $14,400 annually divided by 365 days = $39.45/day.

    If rent is late, RPM will only wait until after the 5th of the month before initiating eviction proceedings. Costs incurred during this time will be at the expense of the tenant and will be taken from the security deposit if a full eviction takes place. Tenant will be responsible for rent, all late fees, and any costs incurred for the eviction proceedings.

    Security, Cleaning, and Key Deposits
    Security deposits, cleaning fees, and rekeying fees will be held in a trust account. Security deposits may be refunded should the tenant(s) vacate the property in satisfactory condition. Tenants will receive their security deposit along with a property condition report within 30 days per Nevada State Law. The “cleaning fee” and “rekeying fee” are non-refundable.

    Breaking a lease or causing damage that exceeds deposit amounts will result in forfeiture of security deposit. Should a tenant cause more damage than the security deposit can cover, the account will be sent to a collection agency for collection. In the event that a collection agency is utilized, there are no up-front costs , and collection agencies generally work on a 30/70 split. If RPME placed the tenant into the subject property, we will assist in providing pertinent information to the collection agencies on behalf of the owner at no charge.

    Accounting Services
    Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Statements
    1. All property cash flow and/or operating statement
    2. Copies of all bills paid (owner may request copies at any time)
    3. Statements and owner rent checks mailed by 15th of each month
    4. Owner’s 1099 by February 15th
    5. Detailed operating statement of all expenses (profit & loss) for your accountant or CPA
    Collections of Monies
    1. Collect all rents and late fees (if applicable)
    2. Collect all security deposits (deposited into RPM trust accounts)
    3. Collect all owner payments for repairs (if necessary)
    Disbursement of Monies
    1. Pay all contractor invoices
    2. Pay all utilities (service fees may apply)
    3. Pay all pool and landscaping maintenance.